CUT - International Performance Festival

14th - 19 May 2013


Tuesday 14 May          Interventions in Public Spaces


Three Rooms Press (US)
"Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: Grand Opening to -The End of Life"

20:00 Lustgarten
GoGo Trash (DE) "Cut Fake Past"
21:00 Brandenburger Tor
The Physical Poets (JP) "Dattan Fantasia"


Wesdnesday 15 May   Interventions in Public Spaces


East Side Gallery-The Berlin Wall
Vim Nadera (JP) "German CUT"
Fausto Grossi (IT/ES)
Myk Henry (IE/US) "Thin Devide"
Kim Baek-ki (KR) & Sukjin Kim (KR)

21:30 Oberbaumbrücke
Dovrat Meron (IR)


Thursday 16 May                      Workshop-Presentation


BLO-Ateliers, admission free
"Natural Physical Poetry"






RAW-tempel                       PERFORMANCES

entry 18:30, admission: 8/10 €
Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain, S & U-Bahn Warschauerstraße



Poul Weile (DK)
"Smiles of Berlin"

19:30 SP38 (FR)
"where are we now?"
20:00 Kim Baek-Ki (KR) & Sukjin Kim (KR) "Good-by River"
Sound: Ninano Nanda
20:30 Camilla Gaugler (DK)
"Cut my way - Rain, Gold and Worm
21.00 Joakim Stampe (SE)
"The Liquids Imagination, Or Who The F-ck is Lucio Fontana ?"
21:30 Three Rooms Press (US)
Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges
"CUT: The Miracle Session"
22:00 Amy J. Klement (US), Lars Crosby (DE) & Christoph N.Fuhrer (CH)
"F_CK: The first CUT is the… "
22:30 Lick Me Happy (DE)
Tobi Möhring & Michael Philips
Vim Nadera (PH)
"Tupada Action and Media Art"
23:45 Ninano Nanda (KR)
"Messenger from Outer Space/CUT is Creation"
Dj. X-LUZ (DE)
"Cut and Dance Mix"

02:30 Djs Rich & Maroq (UK/PE)
Party - openend


Kim Baek-Ki (South Korea)


Location: RAW-tempel
The RAW-temple is a former complex of buildings which were origionally used for train and track repairs in East Berlin. These buildings and factory yards find themselves in todays Berlin in the middle of the scene, nearby the huge crossing point of the S & U-Bahn Warschauerstraße,
Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain.


Tupada Action and Media Art


RAW-tempel                      PERFORMANCES

entry 15:30, admission: 8/10 €
Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain, S & U-Bahn Warschauerstraße



Aurélie Pertusot (FR)
"En ligne/On-line"
Performative, interactive installation

16:00 Pia Fernandez (DE)
Video installation
16:30 Amber Lee (US)
17:00 Moran Sanderovich (IL)
"Insight Skin"
17:30 Travis McCoy Fuller (US)
18:00 Camilla Gaugler (DK)
"Change The World"
18.30 Myk Henry (US)
"Slice and Dice"
19:00 Break
19:30 Jill McDermid Grace Exhibition Space (US)
20:00 Fausto Grossi Grace Exhibition Space (IT/ES)
20:30 Invalid Address (DE)
Irene Pascual, Sonia Orfila, Reyes Perez & Paco Vallejo
"Golden Crust"
21:00 Erik Hokanson Grace Exhibition Space (US)
21:30 Tizo All (BR)
Open Space Performunion (DE)
Michael Steger, Andreas Stadler, Lars Crosby & Philip Brehse
22:30 The Physical Poets (JP)
Mushimaru Fujieda, Iori Kinki, Yuka Bouuchi, Miyakochocho "chocho" Takatani, Hide Yidaki, Himeko Narumi and Sakimi Mochiduki
"Upon the Sadness All Smeared Up "


Invalid Address (Berlin)



The Physical Poets (Japan)



BLO-Ateliers                     PERFORMANCES

entry 16:30, admission: 8/10 €
Kaskelstraße 55, 10317 Berlin Lichtenberg, S-Bahn Nöldnerplatz


Poul Weile (DK)
"Smiles of Berlin - Reprieve"


Joakim Stampe (SE)
"Ephemeral Waterbodies And Houses Fantasies"
Performative Installation, Dauer: 120 min

18:00 Myk Henry (USA)
18:30 Jill McDermid Grace Exhibition Space (US)
19:00 Dovrat Meron (IL)
"Cutting Edge or CUT the Bullshit "
19:30 Yuka Bouuchi (JP) & Sakiminohime (JP)
20:00 Erik Hokanson Grace Exhibition Space (US)
20:30 Break
21:00 Vim Nadera (PH)
"Tupada Action and Media Art"
21:50 Amber Lee (US)
22:10 Andreas Stadler (SE)
"BBQ and CUT"
22:30 Sukjin Kim (KR)
"Creative Beauty of Life and Art"
Music: Roddy Skeaping

Albrecht Fersch (DE)
"Es bleibt wie es wird-It Remains the Way it Shall Be"
23:30 Kim Baek-Ki (KR) & Sukjin Kim (KR)
"cut and eat .......Korean"
Luz Scherwinski (DE)
"CUT - Performimages"

24:00 Performance Jam: CUT CUT
mit Ninano Nanda und all the Cut- Artist

Party - openend


Myk Henry (New York)


Location: BLO-Ateliers
Surrounded by train tracks, re-conquered by nature, the 12,000-square-meter-large site of the former Berlin-Lichtenberg-Ost train depot is situated close to Ostkreuz. It is today one of the most interesting and largest artists' communities in East Berlin... Kaskelstraße 55, 10317 Berlin Lichtenberg



Yuka Bouuchi (Japan)