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CUT is the title for the third and current upcoming International Performance Festival organized by Open Space Berlin in cooperation with BLO-Ateliers and RAW-tempel.

The Festival agenda presents six days of a courageous cross section of the most actual positions and attitudes of the invited performers from the USA, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Israel, Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, the Philippines, Sweden, South Korea and Japan. The spectrum of radical performers, political actions, poetic, mystical and symbolic performances give our public insight into the nomadic essence of contemporary performance art praxis, rich in contrasts.

CUT is conceived to move in three distinct sequences: the making of, in form of a workshop with the legendary Mushimaru Fujieda and The Physical Poets, (Japan),
a series of Interventions in Public Spaces, and Presentation of performances in architecturally diverse alternative art spaces.


"aaand CUT!" Director´s cut, paper cut, wood cut, film cut, lateral cut, cut out -a freeze in the flow, - budget cut -a cut injures, goes under the skin, a cut can kill or can be rescue -a cut separates from that which is superfluous -a film cut brings the scene to the point, the cut in a dress exposes the nitty gritty -a cut in a theater curtain reveals a horizon of light -the cut of a diamond increases its value - Cut is also an opening, a sharpening, and a form giving.

Interventions in Public Spaces

The Urban Landscapes of Berlin will be used as sites for surprising public artistic intervention. International performance artists will appear at specific showplaces in the city and perform for an unprepared public.

Workshops May 14 to 16

Workshops for artists and other interested individuals led by professional artists from the fields of performance, dance, and theater. Fixed dates with registration.

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"CUT" is a collaboration of Open Space Berlin and B-Lock, two groups that can look back at many years of experience with performance festivals, join forces to strike out on new paths and gain new experiences.

Open Space Berlin is an internationally networked platform of artists from the fields of performance art, theater, and the visual arts. Its emphasis is on interaction in the public space through artistic actions. Open Space organizes and stages festivals, performances, and exhibitions away from the mainstream. (

The B-Lock Festival is a performance, theater, dance, and movement festival. Since 2007, it has been staged once a year by BLO-Ateliers (Lockkunst e.V) and hosts artists of various backgrounds. Under the motto "Begegnung durch Bewegung" (encounters through movement), B-Lock represents an event for physical expression through performing, performative, and visual arts. (


The CUT International Performance Festival team, responsible for the conception, organization and execution of the festival, is comprised of: Michael Steger - Curator -The Actor and Performer Michael Steger is as Curator responsible for the selection of the Artists and for the Line-up and conception of the Performance Evenings. He has curated the Open Space events since 1998. Maria Reyes Perez - Artistic Director The independent Berlin costume/set designer and artist Maria Reyes Perez has the stuff of Artistic Direction. She has presented and conceptualized the projects at BLO-Ateliers since 2006 and is the contact person for Lockkunst e.V. Luz Scherwinski is Co-Organizer of the International Performance Festivals CUT, Escape, Hunger and Diverse Universe Berlin for which he has been responsible for the coordination of press and promotion as well as for the photo documentation. Web and graphic design of all four Festivals. He has been an active member of the artistic collective Open Space Performunion since 2006. Philip Brehse -
Co-curator, correspondent and translator
- The Actor, Director and Performance Artist began his carreer in N.Y.C., USA and has lived in "Post Wall" Berlin since 1997. A decidedly interdisciplinary artist, he has been the co-founder of Open Space Berlin and is an active member in the Performunion.


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