SURVIVAL - Workshop


from August 29 to 31



a Workshop by Andrés Galeano



This workshop aims to re-think the basic elements of Performance Art and experiment with performativity in a wider sense and applied to different art practices.

In the early 70´s Performance Art language was founded and intensively developed by some pioneers. Nowadays this artistic language has to be conceptually and aesthetically updated, redefined from its pillars and removed from an anachronistic and infertile body.

How to deal with the notions of time, space, presence and action in the digital era?
How to do art following a performative paradigm?
How to articulate new artistic languages and formats that question and mirror more accurately the different issues of our time?

This three days intensive workshop is address to artists interested in developing these questions collectively and go through different physical and theoretical exercises in order to approach art from a performative, situational and interdisciplinary perspective. The workshop also culminates in a public performance presentation on Monday, September 1st, providing the participants with an opportunity to perform.


Workshop: Friday, August 29, 12am - 4pm
  Saturday, August 30, 12am - 6pm
  Sunday August 32, 12am - 6pm
Workshop Fee: 120 €
Location: BLO Ateliers, Kaskelstr. 55, 10317 Berlin-Lichtenberg
Registration: unti August 20. under:
Workshop Presentation: Monday, September 1, 8pm


Andrés Galeano was born in Spain in 1980. He holds a Philosophy degree at the Universtiy of Barcelona, a Photography diploma at the Freie Fotoschule Stuttgart and a Sculpture/Free Art degree at the Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin. He works with drawing, photography, video, installation and performance and has realized exhibitions and performances in Europe, Latin America and Canada. In Berlin he has been curating the performance art programme Extension Series at Grimmuseum and ¡POESÍACCIÓN! at Instituto Cervantes. He lives in Berlin and Barcelona.For more info: