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Performance Groups

De Shits (DE) -->
Tal Siano, Espin Bowder & Francesca Ciardi Romana

Ensemble Polynushka (RU) -->

GoGo Trash (DE) -->
Grand Hotel Cosmopolis (DE) -->

Ingrid Kristensen und Ensemble (DK) -->

Invalid Address (ES) -->
Irene Pascual, Reyes Perez, Sonia Orfila, Jacqueline Tauil & Paco Vallejo
John Power (DE) -->
John Power, Stuart Mc Clean, Grant Price, Raymond Romanus & Tatjana Alexandrowa
Les Trotteuses (FR) -->
Aure'lie Pertusot & Anne Moirier
Never mind and the coffins (DE)
Michael Philips, Tobias Möhring, Jou, Peaggy Dahl, Max Dahl, Norman & Robert
Open Space Performunion (DE) -->
Michael Steger, Amy J. Klement, Andreas Stadler, Lars Crosby, Emily Kuhnke & Philip Brehse
The Digital Dramaturgy Lab (CA) -->
Antje Budde, Myrto Koumarianos, Karyn McCallum, Don Sinclair, William J. Mackwood, Michael Reinhardt & Nazli Ahktari


Performer / Artists

ADLER A.F. (DE) -->

Alice Masprone (IT) -->

Amy J.Klement (US) -->

Andreas Stadler (DE) -->

Andrés Galeano (ES) -->

Beatrice Didier (BE) -->

Chuyia Chia (CN) -->

Conor Creighton (IE) -->

Da Yeon Kim (KR) -->

Emily Kuhnke (DE) -->
Frédéric Krauke (DE) -->
Henry Freeman MacWilliams (US) -->
Irina Novarese (IT) -->
Joakim Stampe (SE) -->
Jörn Burmester (DE) -->
Katie Lee Dunbar (GB) -->
Kirsi Pitkäinnen (FI) -->
Lan Hungh (TW) -->

Lars Crosby (DE) -->

Luz Scherwinski (DE) -->

Mathieu Sylvestre (FR) -->

Michael Steger (DE) -->

Mike Spike Froidl "Don Chaos" (DE) -->

Minna Eichstadt (DE) -->

Myk Henry (IE/US) -->

Myriam Doumi (DE)
Nabi Nara (KR) -->
Patrick Jambon (FR) -->
Paul Holdsworth & Daniela Garcia del Pomar (ES)
Pepe Dayaw (PH)
Philip Kevin Brehse (DE/US) -->
Poul R. Weile (DK) & Beate Bendel (DE) -->
Risa Takita (JP) -->
Rolls Rolf Langhans (DE) -->
Saskia Edens (CH) -->
SP38 (FR) -->

Sue Lee (AU) -->

Sybille Neeve (EE) -->

Tizo All (BR) -->

Ville Karel (EE) -->
Yong Gu Shin (KR) -->



De Shits (elsewhere)
Tal Siano, Espin Bowder & Francesca Ciardi Romana

Photo: Ilya Noe

"I must Create a System or be enslav'd by another Mans" William Blake (1757-1827)



Ensemble Polynushka (Russia)

Photo : Peter Lorenz

Our theme is also SURVIVAL, and we have already been working on it for ten years. Here in Berlin, we examine the remnants of folk culture. We work with what still remains of Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarussian singing rituals, search and enjoy arguing about the question of authenticity, however one understands it and lives it, here in the big city.



GoGo Trash (Germany)
Music: Dr. Nexus


we are survivors
we are surviving
we survive

Gogotrash group. Situated in Berlin. Always dressed in waste and through the costumes and the collective group dynamic, moving in a field where garbage fetishism turns into focused expressive transformation.
(on the path of eternal survival )




Grand Hotel Cosmopolis (Germany and the world)


the eternal pattern of improvement
logistics of the essence that you can't kill
knowledge of the desideratum
the experience of being free from unessentials
the experience of the greatest possible freedom
rendering consuming unnecessary
opening up inflexible structures
learning from our past
caring for our future
waking up from a frozen state

GRANDHOTEL FIELD STUDIES: determine your own future!
The Grandhotel Kunstcontainer acts as a social sculpture and is able to intervene in the structures of society in order to dilate the boundaries of established systems.
In our laboratory, the creative process is reevaluated under the aspects of social, political, and economic significance. We research possibilities of implementation and transformation of challenges we face in our world today with respect to the question:

How do you want to live?
Practical application guaranteed
No previous knowledge neccessary
Everybody welcome
Grand Hotel Cosmopolis Kunstcontainer, Lady4Jane-Augsburg (Germany)



Ingrid Kristensen und Ensemble (Denmark)

Dance & Dance & Dance
perceive your dance
dance your senses
silent dance
ecstatic dance
mythical dance
sense & dance your inner dance





Invalid Address (Spain/Berlin)
Irene Pascual, Reyes Perez, Sonia Orfila, Jacqueline Tauil & Paco Vallejo




El Chivo del Diablo / The Demon Billy Goat
EL despertar de la nueva apocalípsis / The awakening of the new apocalypse

Invalid Address ist eine experimentelle Plattform für Performancekunst. Passend zum genreübergreifenden Ansatz, beschäftigen sie sich ihrer Arbeit mit den Überschneidungen und Widersprüchen, die durch die Mischung unterschiedlicher Sprachen entstehen: Körper, neue Medien, bildende Kunst, Objektkunst, Konzeptionierung und Theorie; wobei ein besonderer Schwerpunkt dem Humor und den menschlichen Narrheiten gilt.

Seit 2007 sind sie an verschiedenen Veranstaltungsorten in Berlin, wie den Sophiensaele und dem HAU und in Spanien u.a. beim Domino Loop Festival aufgetreten.




John Power (Deutschland
Facebook: G11 Galerie (Berlin)
Facebook: John Power (Berlin)



A performance by John Power, an Irish installation and performance artist based in Berlin. Transmission Engineers: Stuart McClean, Grant Price & Raymond Romanus with special guest: From Russia the Classical singer Tatjana Alexandrowa.

Have we finally allowed ourselves to be enslaved technologically as well as mentally? Have we been so conditioned that we have forgotten our origins and who we are? Have we lost our sense of joy and spontaneity? Have we lost our way? Have we disconnected the child from the mother......our mother? Have we cut the cord?



Les Trotteuses

Anne Moirier and Aurélie Pertusot (France)

working together as alarm clocks players

Photo by: Priscilla Th.

Composition for 15 Alarm Clocks
Les Trotteuses is a hybrid sound art project including installation, concert, and performance. The visual artists Anne Moirier and Aurélie Pertusot have been working together since 2008 as Weckerspielerinnen/Alarm Clock Players. They develop various compositions from the alarms produced by their alarm clock orchestra, symbolizing the beginning of the work day. The concert performance "Composition for 15 Alarm Clocks" is an invitation to resist this call to order. In an isolated room, like a laborary, during a spatiotemporal cut, they will play a repetitive and rhythmic composition with the help of 15 alarm clocks to create a jet lag for the audience.



Never mind and the coffins (Germany)
Michael Philips, Tobias Möhring, Jou, Peaggy Dahl, Max Dahl, Norman & Robert



Open Space Performunion (Germany)



"The Field of Freedom is Shrinking and Freedom Needs a Field" Paul Virillo

The Open Space Performunion was founded by Michael Steger in 2005 in response to an invitation to tour as a performance group at the Diverse Universe Festival, organized by NON GRATA in Estonia. A steadfast ensemble had already been creating diverse performance events together in different constellations within the circles of Open Space, which was founded in 1998 with the aim of collectively transforming any time and space; the public space, the museum, commercial space, and theatre space into real time live art happening. The process of becoming a performance art collective was a simple and organic response to that which was already existent in the Open Space artistic community, for the interest and feeling of necessity for expressing ourselves through the medium of Performance Art had united us.

The members of this nomadically changing group, Michael Steger, Philip Brehse, Luz Scherwinski, Lars Crosby, Amy J. Klement, Andreas Stadler, as well as short termed collaborators, Berlin based and also International Performance artists such as Kim Baek-ki, Franziska Bosse, Im Malys, Jessica Slote and Nicholas Vargelis, to name a few, are rather extreme in their differences, backgrounds and approaches to performance, and that is possibly the essence of what is unique about us, and that which keeps our works fresh and unexpected. The Performunion has performed at numerous locations in Berlin, (Theatres, Galleries, shopping malls, clubs, U and S-Bahn, parks, nomans land, beaches and in street intersections), and toured abroad extensively at International Festivals in Estonia, Finland, Denmark, France, Italy, South Korea, Toronto, Canada and N.Y.C.



The Digital Dramaturgy Lab (Canada)
Antje Budde, Myrto Koumarianos, Karyn McCallum, Don Sinclair, William J. Mackwood, Michael Reinhardt & Nazli Ahktari

presenting "Stare. Print. Blue. Voyeuring the Apparatus"


Slowness is one of the biggest provocations possible today. We live in times of rapid acceleration. In physics, acceleration is the rate at which the velocity of an object/body changes over time. But acceleration is also present in the rapid capitalist production that is heating up the scales of desire and consumerism while destroying the resources of our planet.
Everything needs to happen in an instant and it needs to be translated into results, products, and real-time ranking. Data streams are racing through our bodies and through the machines/apparatuses/computers that we use and mostly don't understand. We're starting to wear them as wearable technology, providing ourselves with constant statistics on our being, thinking, and feeling. No time for process, for critical making, creation, experience, contemplation.
Brecht, writing on taking the time to think about the relationship between artists' naïve assumptions of independence and their dependence on a socio-cultural apparatus within which they work, comes to the conclusion: Thinking that they are in possession of an apparatus, which in reality owns them, they defend an apparatus over which they no longer have any control. (Brecht GW 17, pp.1005f.)
The "Blue Brain Project" is currently trying to create a synthetic, computer-based human brain. Banking machines radiate blue light non-stop. Smart phone apps like the color blue. Let's stare into the apparatus and see the desire for the color blue evolve in a woman-machine creature, a modern-day Centauris' virtual acceleration and material mess colliding in slow-mo. Patience. Anxiety. Fear. Fascination. Endurance. You will be on the street, staring into the machine monitor/window until the obvious blurs and starts to make sense. Take the time. Be brave. Survival in/with slowness. Slowness is beauty. Go slow: A form of industrial action in which employees work at a deliberately slow pace. (A Dictionary of Business and Management, 2014)



ADLER A.F. (Germany)

aka the Trash Queen in a designer plastic bag dress


Photo: Haidara Fatima

Through transforming nature into a substitute nature, human beings are able to survive under the most varied conditions. The Trash Queen in a dress of white plastic bags performs the substitute nature that is created as culture: trash bags are ubiquitous and can - depending on their size - be used not only as bags for carrying things but also be utilized for SURVIVAL: as a tent, as protection against cold and rain, as a water container, and can also be reused multiple times. In a scream-dance, the Trash Queen, aka ADLER A.F., shows how human beings shape the world so that it serves their purposes.
The stage design calls to mind the Pacific Garbage Patch, a carpet of plastic garbage in the Pacific Ocean that is larger than Central Europe and points to the problems that human beings have in dealing with plastic garbage.



Alice Masprone (Italy)

abstract survival kit


Survival is first of all a basic instinct that is deeply related to any kind of being.
We fight to survive before this becomes a need.
As animals, we fight to survive before rationally knowing that our survival is in danger.
Mice change their breathing and move faster before cats hunt them-cats have also already jumped away when we try to catch them.

Often we have more difficulties surviving when we use language. Our tendency as people in a particular society is to seek for a meaning for it. The environment we have created is structured in a way that we get to say: I am surviving....
As a refugee/prisoner
As man/woman/child
As a minority
As a black person
As a worker
As a foreigner
As someone infirm/disabled
As a philosopher
As a reporter
As a nation
As an institution
As a citizen
As a mother/father
As a senior
As a teacher
As a scientist
As a doctor
As an artist... or any other noun that comes to mind.
In the time that it takes for us to formulate this 'as', we take away something from our instinct and in this sense act slower, since we put something in between: we think.

We are forced to react through thinking by war, hunger, the environment, politics, people, violence, information, culture. Only very few extreme situations can bring us to move before thinking. As human beings, we have built the trap into which we fall.

Now I can strain my brain wondering if it's possible to go back to instinct, to divest ourselves of language, to go back to a primary simple status of being...
And only then, perhaps, will I understand what survival is.



Amy J.Klement (USA)


Organizer of the Survival - International Performance Festival

Survival = a concept quite relative: for one, having sufficient food and water to live; for another, escaping death by bullet or bomb, for yet another, the freedom to live one's beliefs or convictions; while for the lucky, maintaining a living standard to which one has become accustomed.
Survival = a concept quite relative: since ensuring the survival of some so often requires sacrificing the survival of some other.



Andreas Stadler (Germany)


There is such multi-dimensional life around the world, yet only survival has real meaning!
Surviving as an artist requires art:
along with the aid of food, water, and air. Intellegence and education nourish our actions and the five deadly sins prepare the basis! Survival is an eternal cycle along with death.



Beatrice Didier (Belgium)


Photo: Boris Nieslony

Try to survive. Survive or cross.
Crossing serenity and chaos
Crossing the "I" and the "you"
Crossing reality
Crossing dreams
Through a space
A space to change and to be changed
With action here and now
Action as a poem
Because ...
"May the poetry of life be our absolute weapon" * Raoul Vaneigem



Chuyia Chia (Malaysia/Sweden)

photo by Antti Peltokangas

Living is surviving and consuming. When consumption is greater than what is necessary to live and becomes a commercial life style, a collision happens; like our collapsing society where the poor are barely able to consume and the rich continue to create this big gap between human beings through branding consumerism, games, and rules. How does one survive in such a monopoly as capitalism and continue to be creative and positive?
Awareness, anger, and hunger transformed into surviving power and resistance, into a fight for choice and our right to food and clothing that is not modified or controlled but determined by ourselves?



Conor Creighton (Ireland)

Oh, now go. Walk out the door. Don't turn around now cause you're not welcome anymore. - Gloria Gaynor.



Da Yeon Kim (KR)

"White Wedding"
My project focuses on transmigration and in particular people who move abroad and are eventually forced to get married for papers. It examines the questions surrounding immigration policies, fake marriages and the drastic measures which people have to take in order to ensure their survival in a foreign country. I am focusing on women who need to get married abroad to avoid their traditional patriarchal duties in their local communities. This performance will also look at how men are implicated in arranged marriages to local or foreign women which may help them attain a more honorable place in their families.



Emily Kuhnke (Germany)


the only-existence defines
what you need to survive.
wonderfull possiblities become orphans
much is lost.
First dies all purportedly unnecessary:
freedom, art
perhaps delight?
the beloved nonsense ...
although what is needed?
Lets be rapacious!

Organizer of the Survival - International Performance Festival



"survival is everyday"

Frédéric Krauke (Germany)



Henry Freeman MacWilliams (USA/Germany)


That is a question, isn't it?
Survival in prison
Survival out of prison
or what?
or how?
or when?

For me survival means learning to live without.
Finding ways and means to be and
having communion
my tribe

Survival not only of me but also my community
my tribe
All tribes
All communities
All weirdos



Irina Novarese (Italy/Germany)

Let's take a walk and talk about ---------------
Mapping might well be called "the science of whereabouts."
My Pseudoscience of Whereabouts is based on maps made by foot - which I call also the distance
The only distance apparatus needed is a pair of legs to walk in the space looking for ----------------
A walk in a desert landscape. This will be my contribution to the Survival Festival.



Joakim Stampe (Sweden)


Recently, I have heard people say that this generation has given up on growth and that they just want to survive. I want to be a part of the guerilla that will reinstall the word growth in our time´s consciousness, because we must not only survive, we shall for fuck sakes grow! Grow beautiful again.



Jörn Burmester (Germany)


Photo: Henrik Vestergaard Pedersen

When the World As We Know It comes to end, when your phone won't give you directions, and google is not there to tell you what there is, when civilization ends by virus, economical breakdown, ecological disaster, emotional melt down, meteorite, flood, volcano, sun flare or zombie invasion, what will our social convictions and experiments be worth? We spent decades testing models of living together in more fair, more healthy, more just forms: Can our collaborations, collectives, associations, alternatives serve as models for a new society, or are they just a luxury capitalism allows its freaks?



Katie Lee Dunbar (England/Germany)

to survive is to continue living

is to live without fear of survival

-Katie Dunbar (England/Germany)



Kirsi Pitkäinnen (Finnland)

Photo: Pekka Suomäki

"Most of the people are a sleep. They are dreaming this capitalistic dream where the most important thing is how much you own, how high you can go and how you can be better than the others. Even humanity is measured by money. It will end up in destruction of mankind.
This is a bubble. And I want to break that bubble. What do we really need to survive?"



Lan Hungh (Taiwan/Germany)


My body lives, I keep my soul survive.
My soul will survive in heaven, in hell and in another planet.
My soul is not made for the earth, I couldn't sell it to anyone.
I'm looking for someone who needs my soul, and I will give it to someone.
Then I survive, it will last inside someone.



Lars Crosby (Germany)



Schau - erblickst du dort den Nebel
Umwoben von uralten mystischen Gestalten
in Ihnen lebt die eine Wahrheit fort und fort
Nebel-ada-Leben /\ nebeL-ada-lebeN
schaust in den Spiegel
küss das Wasser
Leben-ada-Nebel /\ lebeN-ada-nebeL



Luz Scherwinski (Germany)

Videokünstler, Fotograf und Dj.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” Albert Einstein

"Nothing will more greatly enhance the health and chances for surviving of human beings on the earth as taking the step toward vegan nutrition" Luz Scherwinski



Organizer of the Survival - International Performance Festival



Mathieu Sylvestre (France)

Survival is a word.
The word that makes you live
To get the coin to struggle with boredom
To cry the drop and drink it all
To embrace the world and burn it all.
Give me your word to go on.



Michael Steger (Germany)


Organizer and Curator of the Survival - International Performance Festival

"Hunger, Escape, Cut",
the themes of our past art festivals, actually all mean Survival.
Survival is a big theme, an invitation, so who hasn't started yet,



Mike Spike Froidl "Don Chaos" (Germany)

Don Chaos is the modern Don Quixote! Where are the fuckin Windmills of Governments and Industry ?! I will fight them !



Minna Eichstadt (Germany)


To my sofa chats-
You are invited



Myk Henry (Ireland/USA)

"Down and out"

I have been thinking about doing a performance in relation to what people need in order to survive in an urban environment. Western society has lost touch with the harsh reality of nature and the primitive ongoing struggle to survive. Human beings are instinctively hunter gatherers but the process of looking for food water and shelter has been replaced by the hunt for financial gain. What happens when you strip people of their daily cosmopolitan routines and immerse them in the struggle to survive on the street?

Make a live action which places the participants back into an environment where they are without their normal creature comforts for a predetermined amount of time. This could be as simple as confiscating people's phones for 24 hours, or telling people that they could not eat any food which had been bought forcing them to scavenge like homeless people.

Another idea would be to sign people up for a workshop and then give each person a shopping cart (or tell them where they could find one), confiscate their phones, wallets and keys and tell them that they were not allowed to frequent any of the places which they normally go to for 24 hours (job, friends, home, internet etc). The group would come back to the location where the workshop was taking place and share their experiences of what had happened during their 24 hours on the street.

Each participant would be given a GPS locator so that a photographer could take photos of the various participants, which would be shown during the festival as documentation of this project. This idea could be elaborated upon and it would be possible to incorporate other performances which are also dealing with the idea of survival.



Nabi Nara (South Korea/Germany)

Organisatorin des Survival - International Performance Festival

I believe in the theory that the world consists of brilliant, stellar spiritual beings - human beings who actually come from another planet. According to this theory, the world must be more beautiful than the way it is now. But, the reality hurts me. The fact that, every single day, somewhere on this earth, there is a war, a massacre, suffocates me. In the name of religion, nationalism, and capitalism, humans pull the higher level of their own spirituality down to fit in a specific practical, physical form in order to hide their anxious. Anxiety thus accompanies my, our, daily life.
My statement for Survival is that it my struggle to pull myself up to my own being again and not to become lost in this mad, human-made anxiety. The performance work for the Survival Festival 2014 will deal with my personal background combining questions about history. It will represent what it means to be a South, and North Korean, immigrant artist living in Berlin, a city that shares the same experience.



Patrick Jambon (France)


"Supervival": The project has its origins in the image of street vendors, who carry their equipment on their own bodies. Inspired by this form, I design portable structures. They serve as platforms for exchange and gaming, as an extension of the body intended to create interaction with the audience. The idea is to imagine strategies against precariousness in the form of new occupations.



Philip Kevin Brehse (Germany/USA)


Organizer of the Survival - International Performance Festival

Photo: Pavel Kralik

... as to my generation
we have lost our fathers and mothers
… are orphans
and are expected to know
what to say to you
to lead you … to advise you
to teach … hold … organize
and love you

we barely survived the cusp
barely learned the leap
into virtual reality

barely survived the leap from writing postcards
to the usage of social networks

now, how do we hold to the challenges
we pertained to have been important
in our youth … in the face of yours

we will soon pass the ball
hoping that you … our youth
may help us to survive
we have educated and trained our competition
have become in the estimation of some
and are trying to survive the next steps
with grace and with dignity
are we worthy?




Poul R. Weile (Denmark)
& Beate Bendel (


Organizer of the Survival - International Performance Festival

live O.E.. lifian (Anglian), libban (W.Saxon) "to be alive," also "to supply oneself with food, to pass life (in some condition)," from P.Gmc. stem *libæ (cf.. O.N. lifa, O.Fris. libba, Ger. leben, Goth. liban "to live"), from PIE base *leip- "to remain, continue" (cf. Gk. liparein "to persist, persevere;" see leave). "According to the Dutch Prouerbe ... Leuen ende laetan leuen, To liue and to let others liue." [Malynes, 1622] To live it up "live gaily and extravagantly" is from 1951. To live up to "act in accordance with" is from the 1690s. To live (something) down "outwear (some slander or embarrassment)" is from 1842. To live with "cohabit as husband and wife" is attested from 1749; sense of "to put up with" is attested from 1937. Lived-in "inhabited, occupied" is first recorded in 1873. Live-in (adj.) first attested from 1955. Expression "live and learn" is attested from ca. 1620.

live 1540s, "having life," later (1611) "burning, glowing," aphetic of alive (q.v.). Sense of "containing unspent energy or power" (live ammunition, etc.) is from 1799; live wire is attested from 1890; figurative sense of "active person" is from 1903. Meaning "in-person (performance)" is first attested 1934.



Risa Takita (Japan)



For survival
we need strong self-confidence, enough to go beyond your limit, respect enough to share each other's creativity, trust and love enough to enjoy life from the heart.








Saskia Edens (Switzerland)


Beyond the survival of the individual, the question rises as to the survival of human beings, considering that several vegetable and animal species have disappeared from the globe: How do humans adapt to the environment with its constant changes by mutating within their DNA?
Who can survive? and for what?
Genetics tries to give an answer about who might survive but the reality is much more complex; the same gene can be good in combination with some genes but also responsible for disease. Epigenetics opens up perspectives by not considering the genome as unchangeable. Environment and way of life influence what happens deep into our cells, and creativity might be the response to the possible deficiency of our genes. Afterall, love and attraction are the forces that keep human kind alive, and give the will to survive.



SP38 (Fance)






Sue Lee (Australia)




Sing up the dream
Ever poised on unseen thread
Whilst shadows of old battle scars advise
-Sue Lee




Sybille Neeve (Estland)



In the words of Aare Humalast:
from sight
can only see
and done
are both




Tizo All (Basilien/Germany)

My idea about surviving is not related to the "basic" and important things connected to the theme.
Surviving and being a survivor is also a task for many people on the way to retaining some individuality that doesn't fit with this world, that is not part of the status-quo, that is not part of this ordinary world.
Extra-ordinary people need to survive in this everyday life.
This performance is about individuality and how the individual being needs to survive and reframe himself more each time inside this mass society and many other things that try to deny the spirituality and the shining of life.
For me and such people, I'd like to offer an altar: "Where nature is holy, there is no evil, and everything around us is respected"



Ville Karel (Estland)



Not long ago I discovered that all the zombie movies are for real.

SO I ask you oh lord human
please stop this death cult
if you do know what I mean
as a human being
as a personality
a bio robot driven by the DNA
a bit of dad
a bit of mom

I saw you all go to the streets
the big bang from god
in the bird songs

being an idiot

things that robots
can never achieve

excuse me
I mean those other robots
not your kind

Would you believe it?
Would you believe something else?

You did hear the bang

Let us play the game
let me hold your hand
just a signature
on your death certificate

I will drive over you
Making a hero
You died as a free man

mother, father, artist
cucumber sales man
Presidential Press Secretary

Naked triangle
seems weird in the third eye

the big war is coming
Putin has gone mad
the big war is coming
Putin has gone mad

The big rain is coming

And insanity
is an alternative
point of view

when everything virtual gets erased
there is still a bit of hope
reality remains for a day
at least the bird songs
in the rural may

- Ville Karel Viirelaid (Estonia)



Yong Gu Shin (South Korea)

Survival is a process to find a meaning of life. The question here is not "how to survive." What matters is "why we live and for what we live." The life of an artist is thus meaningful in the process of searching for the meaning of life, not merely seeking desire and following instinct. I'd like to present the work searching for this meaning in Berlin's site and time.