Indian Performing Arts Workshop From the 23th of August till the 9th of September

with "Sources´ Research" Milón Méla –
The Coming Together Fair



With up to 20 artists and masters:
3 Bauls musicians of Bengal
5 Chhau tribal dancers (Jahrkhand)
4 masters of Kalaripayattu martial art (Kerala)
3 Gotipua dancers (Orissa)
3 actors and musicians

"Sources´ Research" Milón Méla – The Coming Together Fair
Milón Méla performing activity has participated in many theatre festivals in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and Austria.
It has been performing in city squares and streets, open arenas and theatres.
It has conducted workshops in universities and institutes, with theatre groups, cultural associations, psychotherapists and pedagogues.


1. Block: 23. – 27. August 2010
2. Block: 30. August – 3.September 2010
Daily: from 09.00 to 20.30 (with pauses)


Please contact us if you are interested: Noa
0049-163 829 57 22


Programm of the work session:

1 - The Motions

It is composed by a series of movements towards the four cardinal directions and also towards the Nadir and the Zenith.
Its aim is to keep the body and the mind in alertness and to stretch the dorsal spine.

2 - Speaking with Body
An action against mental tiredness based on free movements accompanied by the traditional music (drums and string instruments).

3 - Kalaripayattu
An action guided by two masters of Kalaripayattu.
Participants practice the Basic Forms which constitute movements of defence and attack in the four cardinal directions.
The aim is to develop our learning capacity and to wake up our body-memory.

4 - Breathing
First, the participant does simple movements which are favouring the inspiration and the exhalation.
Then, immobile, he/she focuses on his/her own respiration.