Gewerbehof in der alten Königstadt, Haus A, Saarbrückerstr.24, 10405 Berlin, U-bahn 2, Senefelder Platz


Opening hours of the exhibition: Wednesday to Monday 12.00- 20.00

Performances start: Fr. and Sa. 20.00, So. 17.00

Admission: 5.-- €

Tickets: www.openspace32.de, fon: +030 23 45 98 20




Academia Non Grata (Estonia).

3. Racibórz Festival of Arts/Body Spirit.Urban: Mateusz Iwulski, Klaudyna Malinowska (Polen).

15. So To Do International Kongress for Performance Art (Innsbruck): Theo di Ricco, Rolls Rolf Langhans (performance impulse süd).

Living Theatre/N.Y.C.: Claire Leibowitz, Dirk Szuzies, Karin Kaper, (Karin Kaper Film /The Brig/ Film by Jonas Mekas).


Amalia Altenburg, a-d-a-p-t-e-r: Philipp Lammer, Clemens Torggler, Bernard Zösmayr (Wien),
Zabo Chabiland,
Nicholas Moulin,
River Dillon,
SP38 (Frankreich),
Nicholas D. Vargelis (Griechenland),
Knut Remond (Schweiz),
Antje Budde (Toronto) + Martin Kulinna (Neu Brandenburg),
Minna (Kesselberg),


Performunion Open Space (Berlin): Franziska Bosse, Alfredo Sciuto, Michael Steger, Im Malys, Alexander Weber, Philip Brehse, James Norman (Australien), Jane Saks, Jan Gerd Buss, Nadine Konietzny, Ute Reintjes, Amy J.Klement, Berno Hellmann, Thomas de Pascalis, Luz Scherwinski, Oliver Heyme, Yen-Yee Choi (Seoul/Süd Korea).

ensemble oeffentliche leben: agentur mir Maria Baton, Doro Schwarte, Daniela Zaehl, Hans-Juergen Simon,Stefan Schwarz, Arno Kleinofen, Daniel August Mai, Sybile Jagfeld,Martin Ortega, Rainer Matthes Ines Eck, Torsten Kulick.

Images of the imaginary: Susa Gunzner, Regula Engler, Sabine Strobl, Veronika Gerhard, Riccardo Zito, Susanne Roth,


GoGo Trash,
Elo Landgraf,
Ursula Dietz,
Susanne Roth,
Eckhard Roth,
Martin Kupiers
(La Fabrica/Berlin),
Hermann Solowe (Kunstwerkstatt / Berlin),
Nicholas Bussmann,

more info about the program:

The Open Space Festival of Free Arts will make possible the exchange of cultural experience connecting Artists and the Public between America, Asia and Europe.

It is dedicated to a highly subversive kind of Art, which reclaims it's space out of a spirit one hardly finds in any of the ongoing venues of this season.

The title, Open Space, allows the artists to work with it, ignore it, but they can't miss it. The exhibition is not conceptual, although we will present some conceptual pieces, but rather a manifestation of commitment:
Artists present artists means, we built and act individually in the collective and we will try, to do what we yet can't do. For the time of the showing we create the open space as a grand academy of autodidacts (very skilled ones.)
In this alchemical process we will hopefully manage once again to melt down the golden cages of genres and themes and generate out of creative processes works of new consequence, free of categories.
Our purpose is to show the absolute contemporary, to break out of the freezer which cultural institutions, even with the best intentions, continually force artists into by establishing juries, castings, setting deadlines, calls for proposals, the wanting of money, setting the artist into a sozio-cultural, political, sexual or other context and worse.
It is a simple call to the stage, to all who are ready to exhibit, perform, play, to fly, to fall, to explode, to speak up, about what has to be spoken out.

Although we try to avoid to show a retrospective, we can't neglect, that this show only comes together, because of having had an art space called Open Space in the Adalbertstr.32 for almost a decade, our international network is still intact and even growing and we can finally fully trust in the cultural bridges which have been built by many visionary relationships, through which a true collaborative spirit is possible.
What is to be seen: (selection)
We proudly present the Academia Non Grata, which will come from Estonia with a large Exhibition of paintings and Installations, which will be seen in Berlin for the first time. We are full of excitement to see their usually furious spectacle on opening night.
The open space will show the latest production of their residential group Performunion, which had already great international success this year. They will blow up the space cube, a magnificent pneumatic Installation, perform and show their actual Theater production "buffo". On stage as well, will be two more brand-new Theater productions: "Glück", directed by Arno Kleinofen, and a young production from Vienna:"Die Nächste" by Amalia Altenburg
The card blanche was taken by the newcomers at the festival: the audiovisual project " Das Geisterobservatorium" by Knut Remond (switzerland). Impressions from China we will get from the Film and photographical works of Antje Budde and Martin Kulina: "Qindao: open spaces_layered cultures" von Antje Budde und Martin Kulina

Two familiar festivals will sent their artist: The simultaneous International Congress of Performance Art (Innsbruck) of Gallery SoToDo and 3rd Ratibor Arts festival "Body. Spirit Urban" (21-23 September 2007).
We will feature the latest Film of the legendary Living Theatre, "The Brig" . which was revived this season in their New Theater on Clinton St., New York City.
The French connection will be presented through the photographical work of River Dillon, who will attract the gays and Zabo who will be targeted by jewellery fetishists and the Gallery airgarden.
enough enough! more we can't tell. So please come and see!
All the best!
Michael Steger