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Performance Group

Bootschaft (Deutschland) -->
Vivi Barnier, Laurin Vierrath, Joscha Winzer und Jochen Rüß

Bonus-Extra (Spanien) -->
Blanca Nieto, Alicia Guirao, Eponine Franckx, Maru Carranza and Paco Vallejo

Crystal Tits (Deutschland) -->
Anna Natt, Jaime Schwartz

GoGo Trash (Deutschland) -->
Stinne Ruine, Franziska Bosse, Minna, Üte

Invalid Address (Deutschland) -->
Jacqueline Tauil, Irene Pascual, Paco Vallejo & Sergio Frutos

Katastrofen! (Spanien) -->
Juana García, Leire Olaran
Kompagnie Zwischenwort (Deutschland) -->
Maria da Rocha, Clara Calero, Anne Stefanie Hilbrink, Tiago Schwäbl, Martin Lutz, Markus Thomas, Camillo Correa
Non Grata (Estland) -->
Anonymous Boh, Devilgirl, Little Tom, C.n.o.p.t., Ken, Virginian Bloom, Little Korea
Teatro Cinque (Italien) -->
Irina Galli, Alessandro Del Bianco, Philip Brehse and performers by CSA - Teatro Cinque
Boluders (Deutschland) -->
Mariano Rinaldi, Miguel Bosch, Gigi Yorges, Renzo Llanos and Luis Robles

The Allers (Deutschland) -->
Miriam Aller, Leo Ende, Flinn Sorrow und Ale Soap



Performer / Artists

Alfredo Sciuto (Italien) -->

Alice Masprone (Italien) -->  

Amber Lee (USA)


Amy J.Klement (USA) -->


Ana Milovanovic (Serbien) -->  

Andreas Stadler (Deutschland) -->


Arianne Foks (Frankreich) -->


Anya Lifitg (USA) -->  

Billeneeve (Finnland)


Brian McCorkle (USA) -->


Da Yeon Kim (Südkorea)


Dovrat ana Meron (Israel) -->


Esther Neff (USA) -->


Francisco Cuervo (Kolumbien) -->


Frédéric Krauke (Deutschland) -->  

Gwendoline Robin (Belgien) -->


Irina Galli (Italy) -->

Jacqueline Tauil (Argentinien)  
Janek Karakats  
j.äzzt (Deutschland) -->  
Julie Jaffrennou (Deutschland) -->  
Jung Hoon Lee (Südkorea)  
Kaoutar Aboueloula (Marokko)  
Katie Lee Dunbar (England) -->  
Ken Siebert (USA)  

Lan Hungh (Taiwan) -->


Lars Crosby (Deutschland) -->


LeRoy Siebert (USA)


Luna Winter (Deutschland) -->  

Luz Scherwinski (Deutschland) -->


Mathieu Sylvestre (Frankreich) -->


Michael Steger (Deutschland) -->


Minna (Deutschland) -->


Nadine Steinert (Deutschland) -->


Nicolas Puyjalon (Frankreich) -->  

Orion Maxted (England)


Peppe Rosvik (Finland)

Peter Grzybowski (USA) -->  
Philip Brehse (Deutschland) -->  
Philip Luddite (Dänemark) -->  
Pia Fernandez (Deutschland) -->  
Poul R. Weile (Dänemark) -->  
Reyes Perez (Spanien) -->  
Rhys Rodger (Australien) -->  

Ruth Pulgram (Österreich) -->


Saskia Edens (Schweiz) -->


Sylvia Finzi (Großbritannien) -->  

SP 38 (Frankreich) -->


Travis McCoy Fuller (USA) -->


Valerie Kuehne (USA) -->


Ville Karel Viirelaid (Estland)  

X-LUZ (Berlin Mitte) -->







Non Grata (Estland)


Anonymous Boh
Little Tom
Virginian Bloom
Little Korea

Around the name NON GRATA there have been different hushes and shushes for a long time. Already from the point of view of death of conventionalization of art it has embodied the horrible and unwanted disembodiment of human person, from which the meaninglessness of nowadays art, is pouring out. For those, whose world of arts starts from the point, where the art world ends, NONGRATA has been a liberator, the orphic gap in the seemingly unalterable course, which however betrays us, it is a cure from incest. The main point of the group is ethical - it is the image of primitivism, impersonality and experimental creativity. The performances of the group take place according to the logic of avoiding codes. The presentations are physical texts, whose ways of orthography and reading are kept within limits of real actions by the group members. Aesthetical and provocative challenges are represented in places, where the Art World doesn't work.

NON GRATA exists as a Performance- Group in Estonia since 1998 and became meanwhile internationally one of the most recognized artist collectives in the Baltics. The group has more then 40 members of diverse nationality which interact in their performances anonymous.

NON GRATA performed worldwide sometimes their famous "Ghettomaratons" in bunkers, basements, galleries, museums, Operas, in the wild nature and in the urban space.

The group guides an alternative Art- school: Academia Non Grata, which was from 2001- 2004 official part of the University of Arts in Tallin.
Diverse Universe Performance Festival organized anually by NON GRATA since 2005 is a festival which travels it`s ontourage of performance artists from Estonia to all over Europe. The Festival has become one of the most important Plattforms of Performance- Art in Europe, America and Asia



Crystal Tits (Deutschland)
Anna Natt, Jaime Schwartz


A Common Chorion

Crystal Tits

A Common Chorion
Conjoined twins, rare variants of monozygotic twins, result from an incomplete division of the
embryonic disk after the 13th day of conception. It is believed that conjoined twins are often able
to see out of each other's eyes and read each other's thoughts. In many cases, there is no clear
distinction where one person/body ends and the other begins.
How can those who define their identity based on the boundaries of their own skin begin to
comprehend this phenomenon?

The Art of Crystal Tits is a combination of pop- art, feminism, dance, and hardcore handycrafts.
Building stage props is a kee element of their Performances.
The Performance for the hungerfestival "Rogue Vooster" was inspired from the stoic würde von dem stoischen severety of a cock and is performed in a series of accurate stakkato movements
A field of fried eggs, which were created out of found objects, the egg becomes the initial point of personal transition.

Latest presentations of performances of Crystal Tits:
14.05.11 Hunger Internationales Performance Festival, Markthalle IV, Berlin, Germany
27.02.11 100 Grad Festival, Hau 1, Berlin, Germany
29.10.10 Kunstperformance-Nacht IV, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, Germany
12.06.10 secondhome/projects temp IX, Secondhome, Berlin, Germany
02.05.10 Diverse Universe International Performance Festival 2010, Berlin, Germany
30.06.09 Fag Bar, Monster Ronson's, Berlin, Germany



Invalid Address (Deutschland)
Jacqueline Tauil, Irene Pascual, Paco Vallejo & Sergio Frutos

Invalid Address is an itinerant and fluctuant group of artists joined to create collective performance art projects. Coming from a multidisciplinary background, their work faces the crossovers and contradictions of mixing different languages: body, audio, visual arts, installation with social or political reflection. Their works present non-sense situations to create perplexity and open question marks to the audience. Since 2007 they have been working together, presenting their work in several venues in Germany and Spain.



Teatro Cinque (Italien)

coreographed and directed by Irina Galli
in collaboration with Alessandro Del Bianco
video installation by Moovie Italy
with Irina Galli, Philip Brehse and performers by CSA - Teatro Cinque

"Fabre Mots" (Fabre' s words, in French) comes out from the meeting between Irina Galli and the "physical writing" of Jan Fabre.
Word glued to thoughts, sometimes transforming feelings in images, sometimes almost oppressing, but charming and making you fall in love with Creatures freely ambiguous, anorexic angels, myths of beauty and foolishness who filled the eighties era images.
Pop quotes and suggestions - in music and visual shield, come together with action and word.
The eye of video, as a spy and a sonde of the mental and imaginary world within the frame of proper and non proper seduction, lead the audience in those "places".
"Fabre Mots" is a multidisciplinary creation based on Irina Galli's dance theatre, of hung athletic dance, of poetical word, of video creations and video interactions in real time, screening on scenography and bodies what's happening on stage.
The nucleus of the work is the research on relationship between word-image-action-essence of gesture which creates a peculiar expressive result, made possible by fellowship and consolidation in the group of work, mainly composed by young dancers, who studied and worked for years in the professional dance theatre studio directed in Milan by Irina.



Blanca Nieto, Alicia Guirao, Eponine Franckx, Maru Carranza and Paco Vallejo

BONUS-EXTRA (2006) is a group of artists established in Madrid and Berlin.It is currently formed by Blanca Nieto, Alicia Guirao, Eponine Franckx, Maru Carranza and Paco Vallejo who also work individually..In their productions they integrate technology and plastic analogic media. There´s always an interest to network with other creative professionals and to research into new playful ways to promote creativity and to adapt improvisation to local context.Bonus-Extra's projects are usually multidisciplinary including drawing, sculpture, video, installation and can be shown as exhibitions, performances or just as digital format. Bonus-Extra actions take place in galleries, theatre plays, night clubs and cinemas. Recently they have been working through berliner fashion shopwindows mixing fashion and performance in the shows.



Alfredo Sciuto (Italien)

Born in Acireale, Catania, Sicily in 1968. In 1991, he completed a diploma at the Catania Art School for Interior Architecture, and in 1996, a diploma in design at the Catania Art Academy. He took part in a summer academy and metal workshop with the internationally renowned metal artist Arnaldo Pomodoro in 1997.
Since 1993 he has been creating object collages, light objects and installations. Since moving to Berlin, he has been concentrating on theater and costume design for street theater, minimalist performance and improvisation with a focus on science fiction



Pia Fernandez (Deutschland)


Video/Installation "Flight to the Reunion"
Entfliehen in ein traumhaftes Paradies.

Pia Fernandez wurde in Gijon (Spanien) im Mai 1981 geboren. Während ihres Studiums der Bildhauerei an der Kunsthochschule Oviedo war sie Teil der Performance-Gruppe LAI (mit Jose Francisco Caso und Begona Munoz). Mit LAI nahm sie an verschieden Festivals teil. Im Jahr 2002 begann sie Kunst und Audio-Visuelle Kommunikation an der Universität der Künste Bilbao zu studieren. Während dieser Zeit war sie Teil der Künstlergruppe des Espacio Abisal Bilbao. Im Jahr 2005 gewann sie den Preis für junge Kreative der Fundation BBK. Das damit verbundene Stipendium verwendete sie um ihr Studium an der Universität der Künste in Berlin zu beenden. Seitdem arbeitet Pia Fernandez in Berlin. Hier realisierte sie verschiedene Ausstellungen von Illustrationen, Installationen und Videokunst. Sie ist weiterhin aktiv in der Cell63 Artgallery und Blo-Ateliers. Das Kunstwerk von Pia Fernandez kombiniert klassische Illustration mit neuen digitalen Elementenllation und Video Installation. Ihre Referenzen sind Comics, Pop-Kultur, Mythologie. Eine thematische Konstante der Arbeiten von Pia Fernandez sind die Verbindungen der Begriffe Mensch und Tier. Sie verbindet diese durch Symbolimus und Traumbilder.



Boluders (Deutschland)

Mariano Rinaldi: Gesang
Miguel Bosch: Saxofon und Querflöte
Gigi Yorges: Guitar
Renzo Llanos: Schlagzeug und Cajón Peruano
Luis Robles: Kontrabass


Versus EXTRA

Der "Luderabend" ist eine moderne Kabarett-Show mit Musik und Tanz,dargeboten mit viel Humor und einer Portion Erotik. Professionelle Musiker aus verschiedenen Spanisch-Sprachigen Ländern finden sich in der Band "Los Boluders" zusammen und verbinden auf ganz eigene Weise verschiedene Genres,von Tango und der Milonga über die karibische Musik,von Rock bis hin zu den alten europäischen Chansons und Swing.
Der Künstler MAO,jedes Mal in anderen Kostümen zu sehen,steht im Mittelpunkt einer jeden Performance.Als Akteur und Interpret dieses sehr internationalen musikalischen Programms singt er in deutscher, englischer, französicher, italianischer und spanischer Sprache.



j.äzzt (Deutschland)

Was ist die Schnittstelle zwischen Traum und Realität? Der Moment kurz vor dem Einschlafen... Das Abdriften... Und wann ist das Erwachen? Escape from dream to reality and back.



Alice Masprone (Italien)

Weight (Gewicht, peso, poids)

Heute sind wir hier. Wollen wir hier bleiben ? Kann sein. Wollen wir gehen ? Kann auch sein. Können wir gehen ? Das ist was anders.
Was hält uns vom bewegen ? Was hält uns hier wo wir sind ? Wie schwer ist dieses etwas dass uns hält ?
Ich will gehen, aber ich kann nicht.
Wenn es nicht für das wäre ich schon seit lange...
wenn ich dich nicht zugehört hätte...wie schwer ?
wenn ich das haus verkaufen sollte...wie schwer ?wenn ich nicht dort gewese wäre...wie schwer ?
wenn ich dich nicht getroffen hätte...wie schwer ?wenn er nicht gestorben würde...wie schwer ?
Wenn du nicht goboren wärst...wie schwer ?
Wenn ich die Aufnahmeprüfung bestanden hätte... wie schwer ?
Wenn ich ein Frau wäre...wie schwer ?
Wenn ich ein mann waäre... wie schwer ?
Wenn ich ein Vogel wäre... wie schwer ?
Wenn ich auf deiner Stelle wäre...wie schwer ?
Wenn ich di Kalkulation für Escape festival beenden muss, dann muss ich mich beheilen.
Wenn ich an das Gewicht nicht gedacht hätte....



Gwendoline Robin (Belgien)

I would like to meet a volcan

I would like to find the freedom to create more actions with an extreme sensitivity, so as to question the poetics of an event.

where am I ?
what is happening around ?
what is it that drives my action ?
what is it that can escape my control ?
These questions are inherent to my action.


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Ruth Pulgram (Österreich)



auf und davon
sich in Schwebe befinden
wohin soll es gehen
was bleibt zurück
kann man etwas festhalten
eine kurze Performance
führt uns ins Ungewisse



Poul R. Weile (Dänemark)



The Art of dying/flying (slowly)
The space between dream and reality
The space between construction and deconstruction
The space between man and woman
The space between being
Poul R. Weile 2012

Poul R. Weile was born in Denmark in 1954, and educated on The Academy of Arts in Odense 1979 - 1984. He has lived and worked as an artist since 1984, in all fields of visual art. The Idea chooses the Material - not the other way around.

Poul R: Weile has more big works in Public - and is represented in more museums - around the world. Poul R. Weile is now working and living in Berlin. Art is his life and therefore it is his tool of communication. In his work Poul R. Weile invites to a dialogue - and challenges the viewer to self reflection.



Nadine Steinert (Deutschland)

Tight laced tied

Depending on the place and room and Space of Performance: There will be an Intro just with
the music or sounds (weird sounds).
Then a creature wrapped in a cloth appears and moves in strange bahavior through the crowd.
With the time it's going to tie itself into a white line so that it's movements are getting more
weird and immovable.
In the End it will be interesting if and how this creature frees itself out of this line and cloth – or
if it will stay there..



Frédéric Krauke (Deutschland)



Die Performance "im-mer-dies-jen-seits " wird für die Inszenierung in der Theaterkapelle weiter zueiner Kombination aus interaktiver Performance, experimentellem Theater und Noise entwickelt.Das Überschreiten des Dies- zum Jenseits ist Kern der Handlung. Es ist die Suche nach elementarenund symbolischen Handeln im rituellen Kontext. Der Blick wird auf das Gemeinsame gerichtet,auf die menschliche Essenz im Umgang mit dessen Körper, also mit dem des Gegenüberund damit mit sich selbst. Dabei werden seine uralten, bis heute überdauerden Triebe, Ängsteund Gelüste provoziert und überzeichnet.Dies geschieht in einen dafür, und auch sonst, einzigartigen Ort, in der Theaterkapelle Friedrichshain.Dort finden zum einen kulturelle Veranstaltungen statt und zum anderen können dort Menschenimmer noch ihre letzte irdische Würdigung erfahren

Nun, es ist, wie es ist - und leider ist der Mensch nicht immer nett im Umgang mit seinem Gegenüber - und manchmal, ja gar nicht seltend, da geht er ganz schön heftig mit diesen, seinen, also den, des Anderen Körper um, denn da drinnen befindet sich sein Geist, seine Seele, sein Denken und sein Glaube - also sein Sein und Wesen - und, um da ran zukommen, da wendet der Mensch manchmal Unfassbares an und lässt sich die grausamsten Dinge einfallen und dann, ja dann kann so ein Menschenskörper schon mal zusammenklappen, oder der Geist, oder auch beides zusammen - dann kann eine Waschung ganz schnell mal richtig ausarten und dann wieder und gleichzeitig notwendig werden, denn dann ist da schon wieder so ein Körper, den man besonders behandeln muss, damit man die Seele dort wieder hinaus bekommt, damit sie weiter streben und an den für sie vorgesehenen Ort gelangen kann - naja und damit das alles mit rechten Dingen vor sich geht, da muss man, also den Körper schön sauber waschen, sonst wird daraus nichts.So war das schon immer, sagt man - und so ist es noch heute, und noch nie so wahr wie heute, das stimmte schon immer, den die Leiden von Gestern sind schon vorbei und die von Morgen kommen erst noch - und so viele Leiber, und jeder hat Recht, und doch kein Platz - man kommt sich vor, ach was, man könnte meinen, man sei ein Schwein im Schlachthaus - ein Glück auch, denn dort, ja dort geht es doch schön sauber - und wenigstens hygenisch zu.

Music: Mathieu Sylvestre



Julie Jaffrennou (Deutschland)

Red carnation

Carnations is a series of three performances.The three performances deal with the discrepancy between the human body and its many representations in western society. Nature and artifice are the central themes ofthese performances, as they investigatethe difference between the natural biological body and a body altered bygenetic interference or physical operations.

I work with tools and materials which remind of an organic body.I create for myself a new skin on which I make some interventions.With these new skins or these new appearances, my body's gestures andits feelings change. There exists a tension between my body and it's new image.



Philip Luddite (Dänemark)

"Its all in your head"

A man is going through a spiritual transformationaltering his outer and inner appearanceswhile at the same time images of his past live are roling by like a movieprojected to a screen bhind himThe main focus of his actions is directed to his head.

I use elements borrowed from ritual, alchemy and original shamanism. Outsider art and the art of the madman have also always been very interesting to me. I like to play with the subconscious of people’s minds, so that they don’t necessarily know or understand what they see - but they might remember some fraction of it a week later, or have a dream about it.

As I don’t necessarily know the meaning of it all myself, I’m not looking for individual expression, but rather things that relate to collective consciousness, archetypes etc. Especially in my performances I research symbols, traditions and acts that can be found all over the world, all cultures and ages. I’ve been collecting this kind of information throughout my life, in a physical sense, in the form of objects, bodily experiences, materials… I aim to learn and to understand how to handle the chaos that this world represents to me.



Travis McCoy Fuller (USA)

Travis McCoy Fuller is concerned with the multiplicity of layers within his performance practice. These layers operate on many levels, visual, spatial, emotional, psychological, social, etc.. His performances are an experience of a non-linear cultivation of layers, which then, through subjective decoding, create meaning. He is interested in playing with the boundaries between the performer and the viewer. The notion of control enters his work through the process of soliciting volunteers and delegating them tasks. The content of his actions deal with complex and troubling subject matter while avoiding pathos and rhetoric.



Katastrofen! (Spanien)
Juana García, Leire Olaran

Autoescarnio/Selbst Hohn für alle oder die Vorteile davon ein Ausgestoßener zu sein.

Niemand die nichts zu verlieren hat, kann was Verlieren/verliert nichts

Man kann Ihr Zuhause zu einem Brand, Ihre Freunde, Ihre Schlüssel oder Ihre körperliche Unversehrtheit verlieren, aber man würde diese Anhängerschaft genannt Ehrenamt immer aufheben.

Stöcke und Steine brechen unsere Haut aber Worte können uns nie verletzen, die Worte können nur sagen und lügen.

Die Demütigung hat viele Gesichter, in unserem Leben ausgebaute von Grenzen, Bänke, Schaltelfenstern und Ausweisdokumente, kann gleich um die Ecke sein.

deswegen:schnüffeln deine Popel, (haz un calvo),macht dich gemein,tun dumm und lächerlich, lacht die erste und die höchste

so:wirst du frei sein, ohne nichts zu verlieren.

By the way/Übrigens , ist der Esel auf dem Bild unseres Freundes Masari, und wird nicht in der Performance auftreten.

Über Katastrofen:
Katastrofen wird von Juana und Leire, ... zwei Menschen weder hoch noch niedrig , weder fett noch dünn, nicht sehr klug oder sehr dumm, aber ein Sinn für Humor und Horror gebildet. Und so, auf die dumme, lachen Sie über sich selber seit 5 Jahre, sich in Theaterstücken, Straßenfeste, und auch auf der Straße



Peter Grzybowski (USA)

photo: Leopold Duszka-Kolcz


The proposed performances are in part an answer to certain trends in the history of art that I have observed, which attempt to interpret the documentation of performance art as a creative process and serve as an independent work of art in its own right. It is an attempt to escape necessity of documenting the performance by removing a difference between registering and live action.

Peter Grzybowski

Born in Kraków, Poland, performance, multimedia artist and painter.
MFA Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. Since 1981 completed number of performances, solo and group shows, installations and multimedia works in five continents. Since 1985 lives in New York, currently works in New York and Krakow. Former member of AWACS and Konger groups, PAAS, Fort Sztuki and IAPAO art societies, Vice President of Kesher Foundation in Poland, curator and organizer of Kesher Performance Events in Krakow and New York.
Currently he creates performances and installations, in which he uses computer, video, sound and lighting. He regards his performance works as multimedia compositions in which he connects techniques belonging to various genres. Since 2000 he started engaging the new media and computers in his performances. Usually, projection of digital video, audio and live action are synchronized by a computer. The content of his performances is usually based on the elements from the surrounding reality: the phenomena and events occurring around, sometimes political or social, either current or in historical context. He uses photography and video, sound, television and internet content and combines them with a dramatic effects like shattering glass, light bulbs or computer monitors.

"[...] Main feature of the artist's works remains the fascination with possibilities of connecting various expressions provided by the contemporary technology. Grzybowski in this respect remains an artist constantly experimenting (among others he used computer programs and utilized their properties within artistic activity, making them specific "dramatis personae"). Synchronization of digital video with sound and performer's movement on stage created a dialog - the artist reacted to computer's signals and it in turn responded to artist's actions. The feedback created this way exposed not just new operating possibilities of advanced multimedia technology but also disclosed the new field of artistic activity.
An important characteristic of Grzybowski's work was also his interest in social life.
The artist treats art as a peculiar media registering a picture of surrounding reality on one hand, but reviewing and exposing its hidden drawbacks on the other. An example of such work became famous in recent years "Fat Chance" (2004) - a voice for the cause of American obesity (Grzybowski edited video registration created by himself including food recipes, information about restaurants and food broadcast by one of New York television channels)."

(Jacek Wachowski, Polski performance art po roku 1989



Francisco Cuervo (Kolumbien)

Francisco Cuervo wurde in Bogotá, Kolumbien geboren. Er studierte in New York an der "Martha Graham School" modernen Tanz. Zurück in Kolumbien arbeitete er u.a. mit der "Cie. Danza Concierto", unter Leitung von Peter Palacio.
Seit 1997 lebt und arbeitet Francisco in Deutschland. Er tanzte bis 2002 mit dem "Tanztheater Christine Brunel" und im "Folkwang Tanzstudio", unter Leitung von Henrietta Horn, Essen.
In dieser Zeit gastierte er mehrmals für das "Tanztheater Wuppertal" unter der Leitung von Pina Bausch, in "Sacre du Printemps".
2003 zog Francisco nach Berlin, wo er in mehreren Tanzproduktionen u.a. für "WILHEM GROENER"performte.
2006 wird Francisco Mitglied des "TanzZeit" Künstler Pools, wobei er in Berliner Schulen "Tanz" vermittelt und gemeinsam mit den Schülern am Ende des Schuljahrs eine Vorstellung für das "Radial System" in Berlin erarbeitet
Seit 2007 beschäftigt er sich intensiv mit Tai Chi und "Klein Technique". Beim letzteren sind seine Lehrerinnen Hanna Hegenscheidt, Barbara Mahler und Susan Klein.
Mit Jugendlichen der Stadt Siegen in NRW choreografierte Francisco in zusammen Arbeit mit der Choreografin und Theologin Ulrike Flämig, dem Video Künstler Felipe Frozza und dem Wort Künstler Rik Zutphen die Stücke "Kickstart" 2010 und "H2O dran glauben in Siegen" 2011 für das Apollo Theater Siegen.




Lars Crosby (Deutschland)

Orphaeum Escape to OrphaeusPart 1
Harmonics - Noice - Interaction

Es geht im Orphaeum darum die Grenze zwischen Mensch und Maschine aufzulösen, dazu sind sowohl elektronisch analog/digitale wie auch Orph'sche Inastrumente (wie Flöten Obertongesang, Dulzimer) im Einsatz. Loops, Directrecording & Magic-Sound-Boxes bilden mit Echoraumen den letzten Schliff.

The Orpheum Escape Part 2 with Philip Brehse

Escape from what, escape to where?
This time you are the Orakle and the "Orpheum" has questions.
A performance which trusts completely our collective consciousness and flow.


Der Weg von mir …
eines autodidaktischen Kuenstlers in der ArtForFree-Metropole <Berlin> ist ein aeusserst steiniger … der rocken kann - der so sanft und fast amorph einem wie heißer Quarz durch jede Zelle fließt – das Blut in Wallung bringt und doch zugleich wie glaesern spiegelt und erkalten lässt am Fenster des wesentlichen meiner Natur

Was ein wundersames Kunstwerk ist der Mensch in seinem Wirkungsfeld

Wenn mich jemand nach meinem Leben fragte ,
wuerde ich ihm sagen, dass es ein dynamisch ambivalentes Leben ist,
welches immer noch bizarrere Ausdrucksformen sucht diese zu
kreieren, um doch nur immer ein und das Gleiche auszudruecken
und mit anderen zu teilen. Es ist fuer mich
eine Form meiner LIEBE ZUR KUNST
Ich tue was ich will – schade keinem damit und strebe zum Licht
DENNOCH sind die Dinge ausgeglichen, oder nicht?
Joseph Beuys sagt: Willst DU ein ein Künstler sein dann tue jedes Mal
das g leiche niemals das Selbe und doch jedes Mal besser.
Es ist meine innere Meisterschaft mit mir die ich angenommen hab, mit der
Entscheidung Künstler zu sein – nichts anderes. Für mich ist es immer auch
eine Art Rithual welches ich vollziehe mit allen Beteiligten – Ensemble Hoffnung
an die Zukunft.
Lars Crosby



Arianne Foks (Frankreich)


Sometimes I love/ hate you so much

Arianne Foks is a multidicsiplinary artist, she creates intallation, drawing, photography and her main medium is Performance art. As she adapts her work to the space, she sees it as a site specific working process.

Her work is made of words, colors, rythm, architecture, partners, pop-culture, folklore, personal mythology…

She adapts her work to the context, the space, the local environment, it's a response to what she sees and hears. I'ts what she loves, what she hates.

That's why she tries to move around, walking without any destination in an unknown city.
Being able to collect images, local habits and folklore to integrate them into her work, using it as a way of shaping her own identity.
Because it's a lot about identity, and how the physical reality of it can be shaped in different ways. It's also a question of desire, how desire produces a new body?

She defines it as a creation of a personal mythology, she transforms herself into a horse or a frog, or she writes a text with kisses, sharing with the audience a particular moment.

She has been showing her work around Europe and the USA, during Contemporary Art exhibition and International Performance Art Festival.
She is also collaborating with many different artists, choregraphers, photographers, musicians around the world (Paris, Milano, Berlin, New York, Tallinn, Cardiff...)




SP 38 (Frankreich)


ARTIST? AUTIST! Born in Normandie (F) - Prisoner in Berlin since 1995 !
"Paintslike a Human - COPY- MACHINE"

Uses only 4 colors - BLUE - YELLOW - RED & BLUE

Principal hobby : Stick hand-made placards in the streets

*Signe Particulier: ne parle toujours pas allemand



Saskia Edens (Schweiz)


Merge Into

Mit einem Spiegel Kostüm reflektierte ich den ganzen Raum sowie das anwesende Publikum. Minimale Bewegungen machen die Reflektionen des Raumes beweglich, ja fast wie flüssig. Es sieht aus wie eine Entdeckungsreise in den Weltraum und Wesen die mit Verzerrung gespiegelt werden. Einander gegenüberstehend verschmilzt ein Gesicht mit dem anderen.
Was sieht man vom anderen? Und was von sich im anderem?

1975 born in Genva, lifes and works in Basel
1993-1996 EAD école des Arts Décoratifs, Genf (Diplom 1996))
1996-2002 ESBA école supérieure des Beaux-arts, Genf (Diplom 2002)
1999-2000 Exchange Program Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien, A
since 2002 member of the artist collective FLEX

A main characteristic of the works of Saskia Edens whether performance, video installations or sculptures is the examination of antagonisms, their inversion, sheer impossibilities and ambivalences. Edens is interested in themes such as time,
transience and transformation and visualizes these processes in a striking and often surprising manner. Her artworks make sounds, time and heat visually perceptible. "I am interested in the elusive and intangible, in all that deprives us of our sight and that defies control. So too in the skeleton of our own body and the continuous metabolic processes of regeneration and destruction, taking place without any conscious intervention."



Amy J.Klement (USA)

In her artistic work, whether performance, text, or sculptures and installations, she addresses the metamorphosis of symbols and myths, of materials, of language and appearance.
Born in 1968 in New Jersey, USA, she received a degree in Arabic from Georgetown University, USA before moving to New York City and beginning her artistic career as a photographer and costume designer. Since moving to Berlin in 1997 she has been concentrating on performance and on creating metal sculptures using handwork techniques, and has appeared in numerous exhibitions and performance art events both in Berlin and internationally. She has been part of the Open Space network since 1998 and is a member of the Performunion as she places great importance on collective, interactive and intermedial work in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



Lan Hungh (Taiwan)

Graduated from Taiwan University of Arts. Hungh's practice consists of performance, music, installations, videos, sculptures and curatings, explores the concept of the everyday and life's intimacies. With a mixture of culture his performance functions as a diary and incorporates music and movement of personal experience. His works have reached New York, London, Taiwan, Tokyo, Berlin, Nice, Cologne, Paris, Qadar, Martinique, Switzerland and Italy, important festivals such as Venice Biennale and New York Biennale Art.



Philip Brehse (Deutschland)


The Orpheum Escape Part 2 with Lars Crosby

Escape from what, escape to where?
This time you are the Orakle and the "Orpheum" has questions.
A performance which trusts completely our collective consciousness and flow.

Philip Brehse, is an Actor, Director, Musician, Teacher, Performance Artist and Co-founder of the Open Space Performunion, Berlin. An American living in Berlin more or less since the fall of the Berlin Wall, who allows himself the freedom of exploring rigorously creation and innovation in various art forms. He believes in the necessity of working together with artists from all disciplines and mediums and to work actively against the tendency of becoming categorized.
After his studies in Acting and Directing in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at Ithaca College, he discovered his fascination in the Biomechanics of Meyerhold through further studies and collaborations with Carlo Altomare, Mary Krapf and the Alchemical Theater in N.Y.C. and in Europe. During the late 1980's he worked as an Actor and Musician in a very exciting epoch of work with the legendary Living Theatre under the direction of Judith Malina and Hanon Reznikow in their small Theatre on East 3rd ST., N.Y.C. and extensively on tour in Europe.
Since 1991, Philip lives and works in Germany, where he continues his explorations in the field of movement for the stage or performance through research, practical training and intensive scene study through the technique of the Biomechanics artists and teachers such as Gennadi Bogdanov (Moskow). He completed Bogdanov`s Masterclass at the Expo-Hannover. He directed and taught Biomechanics and Acting for eight years at the Athanor Akademie in Burghausen under the direction of Dr. David Esrig (Bucharest), and at the Neuen Schauspielschule, Nürnberg, (Direktion, Peter Hain), as well as numerous workshops in Germany, Poland, Italy, France and at the Living Theatre in N.Y.C.
He is currently engaged as Actor and Musician in the Acting Ensemble at the Jewish Theater of Berlin, Bimah, in a reportory of very diverse roles and productions. His roles there have a reputation of revealing his love of a physical aproach to acting.
Parallel to his teaching work, Philip has been active as a performer for over 25 years and has performed in practically all of the European States in a multitude of roles as Actor, Director, Musician and Performance Artist.
You may find his Artistic Statement, Resume´, Roles and information about past and present projects



Luz Scherwinski (Deutschland)


Videokünstler, Fotograf und Dj.

Luz Scherwinski, Organisator des Escape - International Performance Festival

Luz Scherwinski alias X-LUZ ist als Mitorganisator der Internationalen Performance Festivals (Escape, Hunger, Diverse Universe Berlin) für die Koordination der Presse und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit zuständig. Desweiteren ist er für die Erstellung der Fotodokumentationen der Festivals verantwortlich. Seit 2006 ist er Mitglied des Künstlerkollektivs Open Space Performunion.



Dovrat ana Meron (Israel)

Dovrat Meron, Berlin-based Israeli performance artist and curator. Her work focuses more specifically on each participant's individual performance and conceptual desires. Curator of "Memory space" site-specific performance art events at the 53rd Venice Biennale and currently completing the Space strategies program, KHB Berlin.



Irina Galli (Italy)

Irina Galli: Director of the Centro Studi Attori in Milan, Italy. Approaches performance from the perspective of her diverse experience in dance theater, acting, directing and extreme physical expression.



Nicolas Puyjalon (Frankreich)

Nicolas Puyjalon is a performance artist, but his practice also draws on dance and theatre. His encounter with Living Theater has been decisive. Puyjalon meticulously prepares his performances, transcribing them on beautiful collages that he calls ‘scores’. Building precarious constructions with found material, the artist rides on these ‘vehicles’ and goes on a voyage across a stage delimited by sellotape stuck on the floor. Pointless effort, an absurd and unshakable trust in the fragility of his own creations, the voyage itself, all of these are central to Puyjalon’s work. With wit and poetry, his practice crystallises the potentials and unknowns of artistic endeavour.



Katie Lee Dunbar (England)


This is what happened

'This is what happened' is a comment on our current culture of photography: to publicise ourselves in the moment rather than capturing a one moment as a record. Resulting in people continually rejecting the present and what is happening in front of their eyes, favouring the continual photographic reproduction of the moment. Forcing “This is what happened” to only be viewed photographicly I am highlighting the need to 'Escape' from the growing obsession of publicising ourselves constantly, as what we see and feel is always different from a photograph.



Mathieu Sylvestre (Frankreich)


noise performance: Awake


Awake is a work about resistance. I was already playing with aluminium paper on guitar strings , but I was also planning to use aluminium as a second skin on my fingers.

Indeed, SUPERMOLLI is a famous indie place in Berlin, struggling to keep alternative music support and broadcasting, and cheap drinks. But they are also fighting against new property developers overrunning Berlin.
I decided to play with this idea of resistance against power of any kind, the way to escape from this power of money and these invisible walls that human beings had slowly erected, hiding behind fake democracy, freedom plagiarism and partial laws.

As this uncomfortable skin of metal would protected, as it also completely limits the way to move. This is the struggle I wanted to work with. The metaphor of something obviously protecting but finally smothering. Something vowed and something jealously kept. When the body behind an armour reverts to feudal way to rule was also the place to print the power of strong brands over the weak with public torture and humiliation. Nothing has changed but the ways to control people and the violence still lurks.

Born in Saumur, France on the 22th of February 1982.
Autodidact musician : Guitar, drums, bass and vocals.
Studies : Sociology and English in UFR, Tours France.
Lead vocals, guitarist, composer and former of Rock band Cheesy Lane. (2004 to 2009).
Moved to Berlin in 2010 and experimenting noise music in art performance.



Rhys Rodger (Australien)


Rhys Rodgers is a multi award winning Performance Poet based in Melbourne Australia. He explores political themes of sexuality, youth and belonging from a humorous gen Y perspective.

CV. Rhys Rodgers is based in Melbourne, Australia, and has been performing both nationally and internationally for 5 years. He runs workshops on creative writing and performance and has won multiple awards for his work as a Performance Poet, most notably he was announced Poetry Idol Champion (2010), as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. Rhys has performed at festivals such as the National Young Writers Festival, Queensland Poetry Festival, Midsumma Festival, and in 2011 he performed at Centre Camp at Burning Man (USA). Rhys has just released a new album of spoken word entitled What We Think We Know About Dinosaurs, and will be touring it throughout Europe and the UK in May and June this year. For more information visit his website




Anya Lifitg (USA)





Valerie Kuehne (USA)




Brian McCorkle & Esther Neff (USA)





GoGo Trash (Deutschland) -->
Stinne Ruine, Franziska Bosse, Minna, Üte

GoGo Trash Performance is :
Group Collective of Noise Musisians, Dancers from the Floor, Deco Makers, Garbage Fettishists, Costume Designers, GoGo Performers.
We meet up since a few years and do actions at festivals,teknivals,exhibitions,parades,demonstrations,parties, and on the street.
We interfear with the theme consumerism; transforming waste products into costumes and instuments. Like to do trashparades in shopping tempels and celebrate "buy nothing day" every day..
A performance could look like an interaction beetween trash sculptures and the inviroment their set in .Communicating through noiseobjetcs and movements-to-the-musik. Like to get pushed towards more CAOS-SENSIBILITY
something to see, look under: google video, clown art hotel



Minna (Deutschland)

Wolle wollte wollewolken
Minna meinte mützen melken.
Kathrin kam kurz kucken.
Manchmal muß man malen
Auch an schönen tagen.
Farben finden
Pinsel schwingen
Formen folgen
Aufhörn können.
Datieren signieren aus.
Minna 2007.

Minna kunst macht mich sprachlos. Ich sehe höre rieche schmecke esse fühle sie warm hoch tief doll schräg direkt grinsend lachelnd sauriermäßig schlängelnd uebstickend in den poren meiner haut gaumen gehö nächsten leben mach ich's mal andasrum mursadna.3tausend minuten einwirkzeit, extraschleudern diwerse uniwersen raumgleitend fersen. Haarspitzen steil nach oben lachen bunt nach drinne. Gefühle gleichzeitig hinterher. Rülpsen auf der straße. Eichtädthörnchen verstecken pinsel hinter der kulisse.otkas possil . andauernder lebenslauf.lauf auf uff. Weileheile heilehaus politnixkunst mamaimmer open.spaceshuttle zum gebirgskessel. Immeralles richtigmachen. So to do . so macht frau es.



Reyes Perez (Spanien)

Maria Reyes Perez, Organisatorin des Escape - International Performance Festival
Die in Berlin lebende freie Künstlerin, Kostüm- und Bühnenbildnerin Maria Reyes Perez hat die künstlerische Leitung inne. Sie veranstaltet und konzipiert seit 2006 die Projekte in den BLO-Ateliers und ist die Ansprechpartnerin für Lockkunst e.V..



Michael Steger (Deutschland)

Michael Steger, Organisator und Kurator des Escape - International Performance Festival

Der Schauspieler und Performer Michael Steger ist zuständig für die Künstlerauswahl und das Line Up des Performancefestivals. Seit 1998 kuratiert er die Open Space Veranstaltungen.




The Allers (Deutschland)

Miriam Aller: Gesang
Leo Ende: Bass
Flinn Sorrow: Ukulele
Ale Soap: Schlagzeug

Die Allers sind aus der Kollision der Asteroiden Baker, Stevens, und Halladay geboren. Monster und Mumien sind ihre Anhänger und an ihrer Seite kriechen, springen und laufen eine riesige Prozession von Tieren. In einem perkussiv Käfig gesperrt finden kreischende Verstärker ihren Platz und die Stimme derer, die nicht geboren werden will. Den Impakt, der nur ein Jahr alt ist, wird es auf den Brettern einer flüchtigen Szene zu sehen geben (Escape). Wer weiß, ob dies die erste oder letzte Erscheinung ist , an der Sie teilnehmen können!



Luna Winter (Deutschland)

Stromboli_terra di dio

The performance stromboli_terra di dio is a kind of self-test which plays with a system of temporary inconsistencies. It is an interweaving of timelines and a headlong dive into existing worlds in order to dissolve them through interplays and invoke a new creation. As “Pool-based”, they are determinations and it is through artifice that their liberation is embodied.

Digital media enables uninterrupted self-projection. The projections achieve a dissolution of the subject which merges a conglomerate of family fragments to deconstruct themselves. The artist employs the requisite subject-groups and transfers them into a performative framework. In doing this, a particular focus is set on the determining personality structures and emergent psychological patterns. Through this intended intervention, she is attempting to reconstruct temporal but intrinsic manifestations. She documents the instability of actual, bound existence and tries to cross temporal and spatial hierarchies and write personal histories through new media. It is a field test which tries to detach moments from their claim to singularity and arrange them anew as a “world-creator” – a demiurge – and transform the past and deconstruct simultaneous to the reconstruction.

Dear grandson,
when you get up in the morning first plump your bed and shake out the pillow!
Second, in the bathroom turn your pajamas inside out and hang up the towel.
If you can, You`ll get a wife.
Many Thanks, your grandma.

Cäcilie Winter 1990



Ana Milovanovic (RS)


Fascism Escapes our Attention

Performances for Change the World or Performances for Apply Make-up on the Dead Body




Kompagnie Zwischenwort (Deutschland)

Maria da Rocha, Clara Calero, Anne Stefanie Hilbrink, Tiago Schwäbl, Martin Lutz, Markus Thomas, Camillo Correa

Kostüme: Elma Riza und Theresia Träger



Morganic is an intermedia project with live music performance (piano, flute and violin), movement and live electronics, in the context of experimental music-theatre.Fernando Pessoas' excerpts from different texts were used as inspiration for a reflection on controversial and contradictory behaviours, which demonstrate different aspects and perspectives of an individuum in constant (dis)adjustment to society.Departing from this idea, multiple stories connect to each other avoiding the linear logic of cause and effect: A picnic that doesn't happen. Like a fata morgana, it is only experienced as a possibility, a parallel plateau of reality. Concurrently, a Rain Ritual invades the space in crescendo through music, dance and water rush. A circular pattern score unifies the whole composition and improvisation into a dot-line-spot structure, which is reflected in the different media.



Bootschaft e.V. (Deutschland)
Vivi Barnier, Laurin Vierrath, Joscha Winzer und Jochen Rüß



Bootschaft e.V. ist ein kleiner, gemeinnütziger Verein und besteht zur Zeit aus rund 15 engagierten Menschen. Unsere Ziele sind die Förderung von Kunst und Kultur, politischer Bildung und Umweltbildung.

Diese Ziele wollen wir durch verschiedenste Veranstaltungen erreichen. Dazu zählen Film-Vorführungen von unbekannten Regisseuren, Lesungen, Konzerte, Ausstellungen und Varietévorführungen.

Zusätzlich wollen wir Workshops zu politischen Themen, sowie Nachhaltigkeit, Umweltschutz etc. anbieten.

Bei vielen unserer Projekte nutzen wir das Floß “Wackelberry” (B-AT 492) als Veranstaltungsort. Dabei profitieren wir nicht nur von der Aufmerksamkeit, die das Floß auf sich zieht, sondern auch von einem Perspektivenwechsel und der daraus resultierenden Gedankenanregung, welche das Floß mitbringt: Auf dem Floß gibt es keinen “fließenden” Strom oder die Möglichkeit, Abwässer zu entsorgen. Außerdem wollen wir zeigen, dass man mit einem starken Willen und Einsatz fast alles schafft, denn das Floß wurde ohne große finanzielle Rücklagen von rund 10 Leuten geplant, finanziert und gebaut – ohne Anleitung eines professionellen Schiffbauers oder Projektleiters!



Andreas Stadler (Deutschland)

Seit 2000 betätige ich mich als Schauspieler und Performance Künstler. Zur Zeit lebe und arbeite ich in Berlin.
In der Performance Art erlebe ich eine große Freiheit, ohne mich verbiegen zu müssen. Die Vielseitigkeit einer Performance ist einfach großartig und immer wieder eine neue Begegnung mit mir.
Gerne mache ich auch Theater. Eine Figur auf der Bühne zu sein mit deren Konflikten und Entwicklungen ist für mich sehr Interessant. Es bringt mir viel auseinander Setzung mit mir selbst.
Kunst darf aber auch Spaß machen.



Sylvia Finzi (Großbritannien)



1948 Geboren in London, GB
1966-70 Studium der Bildhauerei und Malerei an der Slade School of Fine Art, University College, London. University of London diploma of Fine Art
1970 Uebersiedlung zunaechst nach Berlin, dann Muenchen.
1970 - 1979 Unterricht an der VHS Muenchen, Malerei, Druckgrafik, Bildhauerei, Basteln, Muell umwandeln, Muetter und Kinder malen zusammen.
Zahlreiche Einzelausstellungen in Deutschland, Oesterrreich, Frankreich, England, u.A. am Goethe Institut, Paris.
Teilnahme an internazionalen Gruppenausstellungen in Italien, Schweiz, England, USA.
1979 Rueckkehr nach London
1984 Teilnahme Choreographie und Video Workshop, Chisenhale Art Space
1986 Teilnahme an Performance Workshop von Blast Theory, ICA
1994 Sound Factory, South London Art Gallery
1995 Erste Arbeiten mit Computer Grafik und Video
2007 Pure Data workshop, Glasgow, Schottland
2007 Studium der Programme Final Cut Pro, Maya Animation, Photoshop, Tower Hamlets College.
2007 - 2009 Studium der Klangkunst (Sonic Art), Department of Music, Sheffield University. MA Abschluss
2009 Uebersiedlung bzw Rueckkehr nach Berlin
2011 Erster Tanzworkshop mit Francisco Cuervo